2020 Trend Alert: Puff Sleeves

It's a new year, which means fashion gets a blank slate where you can try all the out-of-the-box styles you want, and see if they stick! We'll be highlighting some of 2020's up and coming trends, and today we're sharing the first pick: PUFF SLEEVES! I've already purchased a top with tiered puff sleeves (pictured and linked below) and I wear it all the time! It's so flattering and is great for work as well. Are there any trends you've seen on the rise that you are loving (or maybe hating! lol)? Let us know in the comments!

Click any item in the collage to shop my other "on trend" picks!


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Emily Duggan

"Leopard print is my favorite color."

Jessica Graber

"No talkie before coffee."

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