It really is true what they say...everyone you know gets married around the same time. My bank account definitely agrees! Lol. Over the past couple of years, several girls close to me have gotten married and now it's my sister's turn! We head out for her bachelorette trip today (heading to 30A) and as a I planned her trip, I came up with so many ideas for hosting a bachelorette party or trip. I thought it would be fun to share these with you and I linked some inspo items for each one that I think are so perfect!


Party/Trip Ideas:

  • Take a winery bus tour (Emily did one of these in North Georgia and said it was so fun!)

  • Stay in for the night in a cabin and order pizza, watch movies and play games! BONUS: Set up a hot cocoa bar for dessert!


Party/Trip Ideas:

  • Turn your house into your very own spa by diffusing lavender oil, adding cucumber slices to the water and playing calming, instrumental music

  • Hire a nail technician to come to your home for mani/pedis

  • Try out new face masks, other skincare products or DIY your own soaps/bath bombs (linked above)


Party/Trip Ideas:

  • On a beach trip, rent bikes and explore like locals -- look for a farmer's market to see all the different vendors!

  • Have a picnic on the beach at sunset


Party/Trip Ideas:

  • Turn your living room into a party by blaring all the N*SYNC, Brittney and Cheetah Girls your heart desires

  • Throw on your tie-dye shirts and head to your nearest skating rink to skate 'til ya drop and don't forget the soda and candy!

  • Find an arcade and see if you can finallllllly beat Pacman....AS IF!


Party/Trip Ideas:

  • Host a morning brunch and do a DIY yoga class!

  • Throw a modern tea party. Find old teacups at Goodwill to give it a vintage feel!

  • Do a DIY wine tasting

Have you hosted a bachelorette party or trip? I'd love to hear your ideas!

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