I Really Wanted a White Rug

When my husband and I bought our house back in February, I had this rug in my shopping cart from Rugs USA for months, anticipating the moment I would hit "proceed with checkout," and finally complete my modern style living room.

What do you get when you have an off-white rug + an inside dog (German Shepherd)? You get a rug filled with muddy paw prints on the daily! Especially since Georgia has had rain like its Seattle.

I was so determined to keep this rug looking brand new, that I knew I needed a solution- and quick!

I go to Amazon for most anything and after reading many reviews I became the owner of a Bissell Spot Clean Pro Heat. THIS PRODUCT IS MAGIC.

It only takes about two minutes to get started. You mix the solution (bought separately) and add water to the Clean side. The Dirty side collects all of the mud/ stain/ feces, etc. It also comes with three different types of brushes to choose from depending on the size or the cleaning area, as well as how serious the stain is.

I clean as I go, when my sweet pup tracks in muddy paw prints. Georgia clay is no joke and it only takes me a total of five minutes to make it all disappear.

For bigger messes, such as diarrhea on the rug (yes, it happened), it can take up to thirty minutes to do a thorough clean. I was so relieved when I was able to get rid of the diarrhea on my beloved rug. It was as if it never happened! Like, I said, MAGIC.

After every use, it is highly suggested to clean out the Dirty container. Warning: it does not smell great, but your rug looks good, so it's forgivable. You will also need to clean the brush you used to scrub the rug. Then, you put everything nicely back in its place and await the next mess that comes your way!


Here is a before & after of when my pup had diarrhea on the rug *insert crying emoji.* I almost lost my mind, but trusted the reviews I had read about my Bissell Spot Cleaner. The stains were removed, and more importantly the odor was diminished. THANKFUL! Let me help you, by telling you that if you want a white rug, or any rug and you are worried about your pet, children, or guests ruining it, purchase this Bissell Spot Cleaner. Worth every penny!

Shop the product here!

Shop Spot Clean Solution here!

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