DIY Bagel/Donut Wall

I'm always all over Pinterest pinning DIY projects and pretending I will actually get around to doing them, but usually pin them and then forget about them. However, when I knew I was hosting my sister's bridal shower and we decided it would be during the breakfast hour, I knew I wanted to do a bagel wall. To be honest, I totally winged the whole thing and didn't follow a DIY tutorial, but I am so excited with how it came out! It was so easy and so affordable to make. I listed out all the steps and materials needed below!

Items needed:

+ Plywood

+ Wooden dowels

+ Paint (I used this one.)

+ Paint brush (I used a black foam brush.)

+ Hot glue gun & sticks

+ Optional: Rose gold sticker letters (Linked here.)

+ Optional: Greenery garland (Linked here.)

+ I knew Home Depot would be the best place to get the wood and have it sized down to what I wanted and luckily I was able to get almost all of the items I needed there. I started with a 2' x 4', but it seemed too tall for the table size I would have, so I had them cut it down to 2' x 3'.

I debated staining the wood a darker brown (so that's always an option if you want to go with a different look!), but decided all white would look best with our rose gold and greenery theme.

The chalk paint I used is seriously the best. I used it in the past to re-purpose a dresser I have and it covers so well that it doesn't take more than two coats to achieve the white color.

+ Next I used the same chalk paint to cover the dowels. This can be messy, so I wore gloves and just went for it. The good thing is that these don't need to be perfect since the bagel/donut covers most of it! I would focus on making sure the ends are painted well.

+ I used a hot glue gun to secure the dowels, and it worked great! A few on them fell off after bumping around in my car, but I made sure to add a lot more glue when I reapplied. You can also use wood glue, or use a drill to create a shallow hole and fill them with glue to have a more secure hold.

+ This next step is optional, but I think it adds so much to the board when it comes to looks. I found these rose gold alphabet stickers and used them to spell out "In 'Holey' Matrimony" (lol puns) across the top. Sometimes stickers don't hold the way you want them to, but these worked so well. I was truly amazed.

+ Another optional step, but I picked up greenery garland from Hobby Lobby and used it to drape over the sides and top of the board and oh em gee. I couldn't stop staring at this beauty! I was so happy with it that I need to find a million more ways to use it. Is it weird to have a bagel wall sitting out in my kitchen at all times??

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