Calling all crafters, wannabe crafters, brides, & just becausers!

Let's take a break from fashion and explore your creative side, shall we. Here is a tutorial on a simple greenery hoop wreath!

Greenery wreaths are classic statements that can be used for weddings, showers, parties, as home decor and even Christmas decor (or any season really). These wreaths that I will be showing you have been used personally for a Thanksgiving Potluck and a Bridal Shower.

Supplies Need:

> Greenery Branches

> Embroidery Hoops (I chose to do 4)

> Floral Wire

First, you spread out your greenery. I chose Eucalyptus branches That I found from Kirklands for $3.99 each. You can find greenery at Dollar Tree, Hobby Lobby, Michaels, and sometimes at Target! Note: I went with a simple greenery theme. However, you could also add more floral to your hoops if you choose.

I played around with the greenery to see if I needed to cut any excess, loosened the branches a bit. I began by placing the greenery face down on the embroidery hoop on the left side. Once I found the exact placement I tied the greenery down with floral wire.

Note: You can add more greenery around the entire hoop, but I was going for a very symmetrical look with all four hoops.

The second hoop, I placed the greenery at the bottom of the hoop and secured its place with floral wire.

Repeat: for the next two hoops I placed greenery at the top of the hoop and then my last hoop, I placed greenery facing down to the right side of the hoop.

There are many ways you can style these hoops. You could add more greenery all the way around, add more floral, and even add ribbon!

For the Friendsgiving, one hoop had a sign that said "Thankful" in the middle that I tied on with jute twine to add a simple touch to the hoop.

For the Bridal Shower, I used the hoops as a backdrop for the Mimosa and Bagel bar.

Happy Crafting!

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