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I LOVE shopping for and picking out home decor and I never turn down a chance to walk through the aisles of TJ Maxx like I have a disposable income. When I moved a few months ago, I saw my chance to mix things up and I was so excited to try out different color schemes and play around with fun decor trends. I've never been one to go with a whole theme throughout a house so it was so fun for me to style each room in a different way and give each room it's own personality and character. I shared some photos below (with links, of course!) and videos as well sharing what my house looks like now! I say now because it'll probably change in a few months (lol!).

Living Room

Sofa / Blue, Solid Pillows / Coffee Table / Gold Tray / Gold Circle Mirror


Nespresso / Sugar Jar / Marble Countertop Contact Paper

Sitting Room

Plant / Rug

Dining Area

Bar Cart / Jute Rug


Bedroom "makeover" post linked here.


Shelf / Everything else from TJ Maxx!

Dressing Room

Rug / Hanging Canvas Sign / Wall Pegs

Which one is your favorite or what room is more your style? I'd love to know in the comments!

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