How to Host the BEST Galentine's Day Get-Together

NOTHING is better than getting together with your favorite gals and sharing the love. Today, we're detailing out how to throw the ultimate Galentine's party with 4 simple steps!

OK, so decor may be our fave of the whole list, because you can get so creative with it, and in our opinion, "too much" decoration isn't a thing. We raided the dollar section at Target, and we definitely suggest starting there! Below we linked some of our favorites that you can find online!

NO one loves an excuse to put on an apron, and act like we're modern day Betty Crocker's than ITTF! We grabbed our favorite sugar cookie mix, the brightest neon pink icing we could find, and of course all the sprinkles!!

THIS may be everyone's favorite part of the party, and we totally get it. Our favorite BFF tradition is taking $20 to Target and seeing what all you can buy your friends without going over the limit! If you have a large group, you can draw names out of a hat to see who you each have to buy for. This is such a fun challenge, and it actually takes a lot of thought because the $20 has to cover the gift, card AND gift wrapping too. We here at ITTF have gone over the $20 limit a few times, but since we made up the game, we don't feel as bad breaking the rules! Lol.

DUH! It wouldn't be an ITTF post without all the clothes! See our styling video below on how we put our outfits together and styled the same pair of $22 jeans. We love any excuse to dress in all the pink and red we can get our hands on and to wear our "hearts" on our sleeves--literally!


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